I had a Mystrade dream, sort of? I was traveling to a part of Romania that was floating in the clouds! Ian had just stepped out when Mycroft and Lestrade showed up, clearly on a date, and there was much cheering among the fans quiet cheering; for some reason we were hiding under the stairs. But then I realized that if the museum was run by Ian, then that was actually Mark and Rupert, not Mycroft and Lestrade. Mark was being consensually tied down to a table by someone when I awoke. Read More. A lightweight, flexible component that can be used to showcase key content on your site. The Jumbotron has a title, an information text and a link.

In focus: Fandom and Feminism: gender and the politics of fan production

Pertaining to fans or fandom. The opposite of mundane. And not the opposite of pro.

Even though the award was a put-on, “Best Fannish Cat” made such an Sam has been book-averse to date, but I’ll start working on it again.

When Walter Alexander Willis first appeared in fandom there was little to indicate how important and influential a figure he would become. Belfast was far removed geographically from the fannish mainstream but Willis and the other fans in that city were to make Irish Fandom the most celebrated fan group of the s. It all began on a rainy afternoon towards the end of World War II when Willis and the girl he’d been dating for nearly a year, Madeleine Bryan, took shelter in a newsagent’s.

They married in and bought a house, Upper Newtownards Road, that would eventually be known as ‘Oblique House’ and become one of the most famous fannish gathering places of all. Irish Fandom had not been born yet, however. In the letter section was a missive from a Belfast fan, one James White. Walt Willis wrote to him and White replied on 26th August, a day thereafter known as Irish Fandom day, and arranged to meet. The group had been born, but for the first few months they were content to do little more than read through each other’s books and magazines and to combine their collecting efforts.

In December , Willis came across an ad for the British Fantasy Library in one of the prozines and wrote off for details. Since OF offered magazines that Willis wanted he got in touch with editor Ken Slater about them and also asked if Slater could put him in touch with any other fans in Belfast. He couldn’t.

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The second issue of a weekly, or thereabouts, letter substitute from Tommy Ferguson, at Manning Ave. Email: tferg globalserve. Confusion 17 took place in Warren, Michigan, which is just outside Detroit, over the weekend of January and it was the first American convention I have attended. At the monthly fannish party in Bob Wilson’s house Robert Charles Wilson – check out his SF books, pretty cool in Toronto, a few weeks before, I was trying to get an idea of how the weekend would go and how these cons compare to British cons.

Early internet and fan studies theorists believed the New Media context and work of the active fan would bring theories like the Death of the.

The expansion of fan studies as an academic field, and the growing visibility of fandom and fan activities in popular culture, have led to more instructors using fannish activities and engagement in the classroom, and teaching fan studies as a disciplinary focus. Teaching fandom and fan studies means drawing from a multidisciplinary spectrum of methodologies and foci. The specific pedagogical needs of the fan studies classroom require sustained interrogation because of the changing field of fan studies itself.

This special issue seeks submissions that specifically address the pedagogical methods, styles, contributions, and concerns of the fan studies course, classroom, and online space s. We seek to develop the Symposium section as a useable set of lesson plans, assessment techniques, and methodological interventions with immediate pedagogical application. Hybrid approaches, detailing the stakes and theory behind a particular lesson, or describing the implementation of a fannish technique, would also be welcome here.

TommyWorld Two – The ‘let’s-get-going’ issue

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In this essay (and elsewhere), we thus limit direct linking into fannish spaces, instead giving site, date, and author, and we have consent from all fans we cite in​.

Kristina Busse kristinabusse. Challenge communities are fandom-specific sites where moderators pick a theme or prompt to which writers respond and then post their specific fan works. The terms of this challenge were to encourage participants to invent a new mission and create a piece of fan fiction in the form of a mission report from the point of view of the Stargate Atlantis team of explorers.

Whereas most announcement posts would only gather a few comments, this reached more than a hundred responses within hours, mostly complaints. Even though the community administrators quickly backtracked and posted a revision of the challenge not 12 hours later, the fannish LiveJournal sphere debated the challenge for days, reaching far beyond the specific fandom of Stargate Atlantis to discuss the ethical questions surrounding fannish appropriation and remix.

Like all fan communities, western media fans have developed internal rules covering everything from what to include in a story header to how long to include a spoiler warning following aired episodes for a definition and overview of western media fandom, see Coppa. In this example, the mods violated the fannish prohibition against the borrowing of original characters, settings, plot points, or narrative structures from other fan writers without permission—even though as fan fiction, the source of the inspiration engages in such borrowing itself.

These kinds of normative rules can be altered, of course, but any change requires long and involved discussions. In this essay, we look at various debates that showcase how this fan community—media fandom on LiveJournal—creates and enforces but also discusses and changes its normative behavior. Moreover, we suggest that these conversations offer insight into the specific relation many fan writers have to their stories and how it may differ from a more universal authorial affect.

Only with a clear definition of copyright infringement and plagiarism, as well as a clear understanding of who is affected and in what ways in any of these cases, can we fully understand the social and moral intersection of fan remixing of fan fiction.

CFP: Fandom Pedagogies, TWC, 1/1/20

When Cinema Journal asked me to provide a possible image for the cover of this issue, several came to mind. Yet trying to find an accessible, representative, legal, high quality picture proved difficult. In fact, my search for such an image metonymically illustrated many of the central concerns addressed in this In Focus.

Aug 6, – Know more about James Norton (Actor) Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay. He is very popular English actor starring numerous movies and TV​.

Some angstier representations of this trope might include pining or one-sided emotional attachment. Do you have a favorite work that features this trope? Let us know by adding it to the examples section of our Fanlore page! Not sure how to become an editor on Fanlore? Check out our wide variety of resources including tutorials or our new visitor portal. If you have any questions, you can also reach out to us directly by using the Ask feature on our Tumblr or email us. Happy editing! It describes anything in a work that is a visceral turn off.

Many fans consider it essential, especially when differentiating between triggers and squicks: the latter is considered less serious and more a matter of personal taste.

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Normally, most people vote for Worldcon site selection on site. Normally, people have the opportunity to hear from the site selection bids in person. But we do not live in normal times, and with all site selection moving to remote this year due to the COVID pandemic CoNZealand arranged a special early question-and-answer panel for the Worldcon bids about a month before the convention.

Date: January 1, Subject Fields: Teaching and Learning engagement with students’ fannish affect for pedagogical purposes, and.

By Parinita Shetty. On August 25, In Podcast. Chloe Angyal. This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity. If you would prefer the original, unedited version, please let me know! In this episode, I talk to Deb Dimond Young about how older women are represented in media and the impact this has on culture and society. Mainstream media values youth and ageing is associated with loss and bitterness.

But what is old anyway? The idea is socially constructed and varies across historical, geographical, and cultural contexts. Essentialist ideas in media dictate what people of a certain age — both old and young — are supposed to do. The portrayal of women over a certain age is rife with stereotypes — that is, if these representations even exist in the first place. Mothers are represented in limited roles with their identities tied to their husbands and children.

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Newsgroups: Date: Sun, + I did not realise that there was such a thing as a fannish ideal (but if.

However, if you’re sailing with HAL, you really should check it out before you book or upgrade. Many photos by actual cruisers of actual cabins. Sure, many cabins are very similar, but there are a few categories and “secret” cabins which are utterly unique. If you can’t find your particular cabin on your particular ship, take a look at sister ships in the same class. I think I’m also going to Top Question this thread. If people ask, I’m still happy to do my ridiculously long and detailed posts on which available cabin s I’d pick on any given HAL voyage.

Great detail from your friend Joanie Fannish I am going on a cruise this fall with my mother. We are doing this in honour of my father who passed away in January and always wanted to go. I was wondering if you had any advice about the best way to go about getting this upgrade for much less. I was thinking that we might get a better price the closer it is to the departure date.

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